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Kingston 2025

Board of Public Works


Michael Schupp, Supt. 
(845) 331-0682 
25 East O'Reilly St 
Kingston, NY 12041

Public Works Commission
Mayor Shayne R. Gallo, President
Darlene McGowan, Admin. Asst.
Ralph Swenson, City Engineer
Glen Fitzgerald
Harry Short Jr.
Brian Bonesteel
Henry Slattery

Safety/Sanitation Code Enforcement 
(845) 331-5213 
25-27 East O'Reilly Street 
Kingston NY 12401


Denise Scheffel 
(845) 338-2114 
478 Hasbrouck Avenue 
Kingston NY 12401 

Solid Waste Management Facility 
(845) 338-2114 
Route 32 
Kingston NY 12401

Wastewater Treatment 

Allen Winchell                     
(845) 331-2490                 
91 East Strand                   
Kingston, NY 12401            

Sewer Department Annex 
Ed Boyle, Assist. Supt. 
(845) 338-2114 
394-458 Wilbur Avenue

View the Phase 2 (2014) Alternate Side Parking Snow Emergency map here.

Work Request Form (Internal only)

The City of Kingston Department of Public Works is headed by the Superintendent of Public Works, who oversees a workforce of 77 persons. The Department is responsible for the care and control over all of the public streets and sewers, whether storm or sanitary; public parking; the control, supervision and regulation of all matters affecting the street and traffic lighting of said city, whether by gas, electricity or otherwise; management of the City’s sewage treatment plant; the responsibility for causing the paving of streets and sidewalks, and to keep streets clean and in good order, free and clear of debris, snow, ice, dirt etc...; management of all street signage; the responsibility for daily refuse and recycling pick-up, including, but not limited to the pick-up of yard waste, wood and metal. In addition, the Department of Public Works has the responsibility to oversee all trees and plantings within the public domain. Frequently, the Department is called upon to work along with other City agencies to effect the completion of various improvement projects.

Another arm of Public Works is the Public Safety Division. The Safety Officer works closely with the Department, assuring that there is appropriate measures taken to ensure the safety of the general public, city workforce, public buildings and equipment. The officer provides several training programs, such as defensive driving, and conducts random drug and alcohol testing for all City employees.

A variety of permits are issued by the Department for sidewalk work, sewer repair, installation and connection, street openings, curb cuts, and matters relating to municipal trees.

In order to better serve the residents and business community, the City of Kingston has launched a new web-based service that provides quick and easy access to a variety of parcel information. The new website is accessible at

A SNOW EMERGENCY has been DECLARED by the Superintendent of Public Works.  The declaration will take  effect beginning 2:00 p.m. (TODAY), Wednesday, 11/26/14 and remain in effect for 48 hours unless otherwise posted. 


Significant amounts of snow are forecast, falling at a  rate of 1” to 3” per hour and heaviest during the afternoon on Wednesday.


Street parking is prohibited during a snow emergency.  Considerations will be given in business areas during usual business hours.  City owned parking lots will be open and plowed after the snow has ended and streets are safe and passable. Vehicles should be removed from lots once street parking is available so that lots may be cleared effectively. 


Additional off street parking in the Rondout Area will be available at a designated lot at the end of Dock Street.    



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