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Kingston 2025


 Kingston 2025:   A Plan for the City of Kingston

The City of Kingston is looking towards the future and has undertaken the update of its Comprehensive Development Plan, which currently dates back to 1961.

While the City has performed many planning-related studies since that time, until this year it has not engaged in a true Citywide planning effort.  

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Commitee (CPSC)  is looking for your help, input and opinions on what our home, our workplace, our City should be in 2025 and beyond. Building upon previous planning studies already performed, the Comprehensive Plan will establish clear policies for:

  • how and where new homes, businesses, institutions and facilities shall be built;
  • how to reinvest in our existing neighborhoods;
  • how to attract new business and new investment to our community;
  • how to best serve the residents and other stakeholders;

 Please join us today, by clicking on any of the links at the left or below, or meeting us in person at one of our upcoming meetings.







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Comprehensive Planning  Steering Committee   


 Date:   September 18, 2014 


 Time and Place:

6 PM, City Hall, Common Council Chambers

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