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Building Safety Division

Zoning Board of Appeals
Lawrence Brigati
James Rodden
Jane Perry
Matt Ryan
Janai McDonough
Anthony Arqulewicz
Andi Turco-Levin
Ald. Deborah Brown, Liaison

Dep. Chief David Allen
(845) 331-1217 
Email 5 Garraghan Drive
Kingston NY 12401

Michael A. LeFevre, Zoning Enforcement Officer
(845) 331-1217 
Email 5 Garraghan Drive
Kingston NY 12401

The Building Safety Division of the Kingston Fire Department is responsible for all building inspection and permitting in the City of Kingston. The Kingston Fire Department is responsible for the enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and building Code within the City of Kingston. The offices of the Building Safety Division are located at the rear of the Rondout Fire Station at 5 Garraghan Drive. (845) 331-1217.


Empty House Hotline - 1-845-481-7320 - A program to afford community members a way to report unoccupied structures who have fallen into disrepair and lack overall property maintenance.

Building Permit Fees/Building Safety Fee Schedule

Licensed Plumbers

Licensed Electricians



NYS Workers Comp

2010 NYS Building Codes


EPA Informational Site

Lead-Based Paint:  Renovation, Repair and Painting

EPA Regulations



In order to better serve the residents and business community, the City of Kingston has launched a new web-based service that provides quick and easy access to a variety of parcel information. The new website is accessible at


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